Freelance is a great way to earn some money (and it will save some). When i first say this i always here people say "But i am not exert in anything". First you don't have to be expert at start you can just wing it. Second trust me you are good at something. Think what you loved doing in your childhood? That maybe the thing that you are good at. Let's say that you could not find anything in your childhood then think what you may be good at then make a list. From the list choose one of the thing you can do.

After that go to one of the freelance website. I suggest you go to Elance or Freelancer. They have good reputation and good number of real jobs posted. When choosing for the jobs in the website be very specific. "Intro" area is your place where you can tell people who are you and this is very important. Many people have hard time believing someone on internet. Post a picture of yours (if you are shy just use somekind of animation -something family  funny). Don't be scared of online community it's like real world there are lot of good people but there some bad apples whe make everyone look bad.

Skills Needed:
Well whatever skills you have will work.

Capital needed:
You need computer, internet and know how to use very basic computer.

Be creative you never know what type of skills people are searching for.


Festival Promoter

Festival Promoter


There are lots of articles written about this job/business. There some articles that says it's only for the very experienced people. I don't believe it is. I believe that if you have common sense and know where your main customer usually go - you can do this. If you don't know where your customer usually hangout then just use search engine. If you don't mind calling people randomly you can actually start a small event in your city yourself. This is mainly possible if your city have more than 100k people. Make sure the festival match with the specific event. Like on Independence Day make Independence Day event.

Rent a small place or a ground then get the permit for fireworks (if you are using it). These permits will usually take a day or two and it's not hard in many developed country's big cities. then start inviting people. Start with your friends even the annoying one - remember every people means more money. Take it as downside of job.

Skills Needed: 

You need a social and sales skill. Social skill is must but sales skill you can give it to someone else. Hire people make a lead for you if you are bad with sales skill. Use freelances on websites like

Capital needed:

You will need about $500 for this business in US (I cant tell about other places). You will a phone (you can use personal), a website (about $50 with hosting to look professional), business cards (about $10 to get more business), insurance. Eventhought it doesnot look like it's goign to cost $500 i am saying $500 because it's best to remain on safe side.


Start business if it's easy to start business in your country. Business will give you libality protection that can be important to lower insurance premium.


There are enough stuff written about this work that if you just search for it on search engine sites you will find one. Don't forget to check


Well we all know no one sees lobbyist as a great job in a society and it many became true after Jack Abramoff scandal broke out but financially and politically it is very good job. Good thing about lobbying is you can earn big amount of money legally. Main key is a relation in this job sector. You should have good relation with politicians to be successful in this job.
Lobbying is not an easy job mainly if you are shy or not good in public communication. Persuasion is a great "weapon" on lobbying. Most of the lobbyist is lawyer or ex politician. There are many well-known politicians who became lobbyist after they retire from politics. It’s not unusual for congressman becoming lobbyist after they retire from politics. There are some key players in lobbying in United States like: Patton Boggs, Akin Gump.

Some tips for lobbyist:
1. Don’t be stupid: People when see money they start became stupid. If you are one of the people who cannot handle your emotion after you see money then this is not a job for you.

2. Realize everyone have limits: After you earn money realize that you have limits. If you forget that you have limits on life your situation will be same like Jack Abramoff.

3. Know politics: If you don’t know "game of politics" doesn’t even think about this career. This career depends on how well you know politics. If you know game of politics you may prosper in this career.

4. Know public relation: If you don’t know how to make public relation go and take some classes. You have to be expert in making deals. If you cannot make deals you will stuck being lobbyist for a firm who don’t have even one "relation" inside Washington.

5. Don't expect quick career success: Let me give you general scenario how you can be lobbyist:
Pass High School
Get bachelor's degree in public relations or political science.
Work as intern for about year (usually not paid)
Work on campaign related job.
Work as some lobbyist assistant for some years
Finally you are lobbyist


If someone keep track of company money, they are accountant.To be a accountant you have get college degree in Accounting.They also must have a license from their state.You should be good in math and analytical skills to be accountant.Accountant work on typical office style area.If you are applying for some well known companies, have some experience before you apply for them.

Here is a short video about accounting and job market of accounting.

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Travel Writer

As it says itself  Travel Writer. They travel for writing. Sounds fun huh? but its not easy as it sounds. Its very hard to get this job mainly while publishing. Its so hard to some write they cant even make enough money to live on. Only pro writers can make enough money to make living with travel writing. First let me make it clear that this job is hard unless you good in English ( or language you are writing book or article on). I hear sometimes people saying that all of your expense will be covered when you are going for writing and guess what it a myth. Even if your 75% of expense is covered, you are lucky. In bottom line if you want to make money this not your job.
If you want to be travel writer then.
First i would suggest making nice relation with people. This is one of the good site for it (believe me i am not being paid for it i am keeping this just for your help)
Take some english and writing classes. I would suggest writing related college degree.
If you want to publish writing some people say this is nice site. I never tried this before

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